Arizona Hops & Vines Current Wines

Tasting Flight:

  1. Sugar Daddy: Sonoita 2019 Riesling. $30/bottle, $7/glass. Read this in an English Accent: this Aromatic wine is a true showstopper with intense aromas of honeysuckle, orchard fruit, nectarine, gala apples and pear. The perfect balance of sweet and acidic this delightful white wine knows how to handle some heat! Pair our Sugar Daddy with some spicy chicken Madras, an English cheddar, or a slice of apple blackberry pie! This wine is more than meets the eye! The perfect wine to drink when you are ready to go after your biggest dreams! Looking for a sign? This is it! Sugar Daddy will help make all your dreams come true!
  2. Yia Mas: 2019 Sonoita Estate Malvasia. $30/bottle, $7/glass. A bright,crisp,and floral white wine, with hints, of melon and honeysuckle. This lovely wine would pair well with Greek lemon chicken and potatoes, pork souvlaki, baklava…OR the worst year ever-2020! Drink this to forget 2020 or to protect yourself…as we all know wine is the best medicine.
  3. Unconditional: Sonoita 2018 Rose. $29/bottle, $7/glass. A Rosé that is uniquely inspired by the unconditional friendships we find in life. Strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb tiptoe gently across your palate with the graceful familiarity of lifelong friends, while the flavor of black current cradles them with a nurturing warmth that feels just like home. Flavorful, but delicately balanced, this lovely garnet-tinged libation pairs comfortably with barbecue, enchiladas, or chili cheese fries. Take a moment. Remember who loves you, unconditionally, we all have that Ride or Die person, cheers to them!
  4. Hallowine: 2014 Red Blend.  $32/bottle, $7/glass. Well balanced, fruit-forward, complicated red wine.  Hints of black pepper, plums, and cranberry.  This wine will explode with candied fruitiness and finishes with a smoky tobacco essence.  It pairs well with liver and onions, fava beans, a horrific date, any scary movie, and all of your kids Halloween candy that you stole while they were sleeping  
  5. Mr. Bill: 2018 Sonoita Grenache and Graciano. $33/bottle, $8/glass. The perfect balance of tannins and luscious fruit, this red blend packs a punch. Deeply colored and intensely perfumed with aromas of mulberry and chocolate. It has hints of tobacco, citrus, black cherry, and oregano, creating a bold red blend that will age well. Pair with a bone-in ribeye, a slider (or 10) from white castle, a hot fudge sundae, or your favorite cigar. This is the perfect wine to sit around the fire and snuggle up with. Mr Bill always leaves you wanting.
  6. La Petit Mort: Sonoita 2016 Estate Cabernet Dessert Wine. $31/bottle, $9/glass. This sexy cab is all about the skin contact. Aged for 30 days on skins. Fortified with barrel aged brandy. Aged for 3 years on both French and American oak. A lush dessert wine with hints of ripe plum, Jordan almonds, and hedonism. This feels good going down.

Additional Wines (By Bottle or Glass):

  • The Peacemaker: Arizona 2017 Red Blend. $32/bottle, $9/glass. This wine is a perfect blend, the Syrah gives it a concentrated, jammy flavor while the Grenache provides structure and back bone. The peacemaker has hints of cherry licorice, blackberry jam, and cinnamon. This lush, spicy wine is perfect for fall. A nice change from pinot noir, this wine is smooth, yet full of tannin. The Peacemaker would pair well with chile con carne, brie, a strawberry cheesecake, or a pork chop. The perfect wine to cuddle up next to someone… orrr… under a blanket swiping away on Tinder.
  • Sebastian: Sonoita 2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. $50/bottle, $12/glass. Sebastian is a well-structured Cabernet with nice acidity. It will age beautifully. Soft tannins with notes of blackberry and earl grey tea. A versatile wine that can handle a formal dinner or a back-yard BBQ. This sumptuous cab pairs well with steak, chocolate cake, lamb (Greek style), or a quarter pounder without onions.