Wine Tastings

Hops & Vines Tastings

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation in Arizona, and in an attempt to follow the CDC and Governor’s guidelines  we are temporarily closing our tasting room and property to on-premise consumption.  We will still be open for “to-go” bottle sales, and of course we still have our climate controlled shipping available through the on-line store for a flat fee of $20 anywhere in Arizona!

For those that love our collectible Hops & Vines wine glasses, we still have those for sale for $5 each to help you enjoy wine by the glass.

Bottles range from $29 to $50 ($26 to $45 case price – see our wine list for full bottle pricing).

Wine tastings at Hops & Vines are a little different than most places.

Alright, they’re a lot different than most places! Shannon Zouzoulas, co-founder and chatterbox extraordinaire, hosts with a variety of our friends, helpers, and kids. Besides our excellent wine list, you’ll find a lot of things in our tasting room that you won’t in other wineries:

  • The Wishing Barrel
  • The Famous Green Door – We purchased this amazing wood door from Alf Taylor in Tucson, and if you ask Shannon nicely she will tell you all about it.
  • Jack Kerouac and Frida Kahlo quotes painted on the walls – Quotes which directly inspired Hops & Vines to make the jump from fantasy to reality.
  • Cheetos – Our wines can be paired with these amazing cheesy poofs. But don’t take our word for it. Come on down and have a handful or seven.

You’ll also notice one thing that is definitely not present: A bad attitude.

Happy campers on our patio

Happy customers enjoying a wine tasting on our patio

We like people! We love wine! We’re not going to stick out pinkies or give you a dour look if you don’t know everything about wine. And if you do know everything about wine, we love talking about that, too!

Your kids are welcome – we have a petting zoo, friendly faces and our pets. You can tell bawdy stories and make bad puns because we probably will, too. Your pets are also welcome, although we highly recommend a leash – this is the country, after all, and we would hate to have your relaxing wine tour interrupted by chasing a pet across three miles of open fields.

More than anything, we just want you to feel relaxed and to have a good time. Whether that’s relaxing on our amazing patio, telling stories at the counter, sipping our fine wines, or watching the kids play, we want you to remember Hops & Vines as a place you felt at home.

You can see a list of our wines here.