Barrel Sponsorship

Like many wineries, we offer barrel sponsorships!

If you’re a fan of our work, and want to help make sure we can stick around, for $400 you can sponsor one of our wine barrels. Here’s what you get:

  • After we’ve used the barrels (about 2-3 years), you get to keep the barrel itself. If you buy several, you would not only be helping us continue making excellent wines, you would also be able to do a pretty credible Donkey Kong impression.
  • You get $400 in alcohol at Hops & Vines. Drop on by with a bunch of your friends and celebrate something, even if it’s just the fact that wine is awesome.
  • A signed certificate that, once we have achieved worldwide domination, will be the envy of everyone you know.
One of the Hops & Vines Barrels

One of the Hops & Vines barrels - you should sponsor it! It will instantaneously make you 10 times cooler (and be a very good conversation piece later on).

Sponsoring barrels is how we got our first serious start. We’re a small, family business and barrel sponsorships are how we make sure we can keep all that great wine. With a barrel sponsorship, you get the good feeling of supporting a great small business, as well as the bragging rights of owning an entire keg of wine.

We have about six American Oak barrels for sponsorship every year. Soon barrels will be available here on the website Рkeep an eye out!