Our wines are the product of a mix of years of expertise, divine inspiration, miracles, and an eternal love of alcohol!

Tastings are $12 with our glass and $8 with your own glass. We often host special events that go well past hours (and sometimes into the next day).

Milagros, Summer, First Crush, Zinnerpeace, Imbibe, and The Fluffer

Current Selections:

Sugar Daddy: Sonoita 2019 Riesling

Read this in an English Accent: this Aromatic wine is a true showstopper with intense aromas of honeysuckle, orchard fruit, nectarine, gala apples and pear. The perfect balance of sweet and acidic this delightful white wine knows how to handle some heat! Pair our Sugar Daddy with some spicy chicken Madras, an English cheddar, or a slice of apple blackberry pie! This wine is more than meets the eye! The perfect wine to drink when you are ready to go after your biggest dreams! Looking for a sign? This is it! Sugar Daddy will help make all your dreams come true!

Yia Mas: 2019 Sonoita Estate Malvasia

A bright,crisp,and floral white wine, with hints, of melon and honeysuckle. This lovely wine would pair well with Greek lemon chicken and potatoes, pork souvlaki, baklava…OR the worst year ever-2020! Drink this to forget 2020 or to protect yourself…as we all know wine is the best medicine.

Unconditional: Sonoita 2018 Rose

A Rosé that is uniquely inspired by the unconditional friendships we find in life. Strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb tiptoe gently across your palate with the graceful familiarity of lifelong friends, while the flavor of black current cradles them with a nurturing warmth that feels just like home. Flavorful, but delicately balanced, this lovely garnet-tinged libation pairs comfortably with barbecue, enchiladas, or chili cheese fries. Take a moment. Remember who loves you, unconditionally, we all have that Ride or Die person, cheers to them!

Hallowine: 2014 Red Blend

Well balanced, fruit-forward, complicated red wine.  Hints of black pepper, plums, and cranberry.  This wine will explode with candied fruitiness and finishes with a smoky tobacco essence.  It pairs well with liver and onions, fava beans, a horrific date, any scary movie, and all of your kids Halloween candy that you stole while they were sleeping

Mr. Bill: 2018 Sonoita Grenache and Graciano

The perfect balance of tannins and luscious fruit, this red blend packs a punch. Deeply colored and intensely perfumed with aromas of mulberry and chocolate. It has hints of tobacco, citrus, black cherry, and oregano, creating a bold red blend that will age well. Pair with a bone-in ribeye, a slider (or 10) from white castle, a hot fudge sundae, or your favorite cigar. This is the perfect wine to sit around the fire and snuggle up with. Mr Bill always leaves you wanting.

La Petit Mort: Sonoita 2016 Estate Cabernet Dessert Wine

This sexy cab is all about the skin contact. Aged for 30 days on skins. Fortified with barrel aged brandy. Aged for 3 years on both French and American oak. A lush dessert wine with hints of ripe plum, Jordan almonds, and hedonism. This feels good going down.

THE PEACEMAKER – 2017 Red Blend

This wine is a perfect blend, the Syrah gives it a concentrated, jammy flavor while the Grenache provides structure and back bone. The peacemaker has hints of cherry licorice, blackberry jam, and cinnamon. This lush, spicy wine is perfect for fall. A nice change from pinot noir, this wine is smooth, yet full of tannin. The Peacemaker would pair well with chili con carne, brie, a strawberry cheesecake, or a pork chop. The perfect wine to cuddle up next to someone… orrr… under a blanket swiping away on Tinder.

Sebastian – 2017 Estate Cabernet

Sebastian is a well structured Cabernet with nice acidity. It will age beautifully. Soft tannins with notes of blackberry and earl grey tea. A versatile wine that can handle a formal dinner or a back yard BBQ. This sumptuous cab pairs well with steak, chocolate cake, lamb (Greek style), or a quarter pounder without onions.

Past Selections

Yang: Arizona 2019 Estate Malvasia & Orange Muscat Blend

This is an exciting collaboration with our winery neighbors: The Meading Room! Yang is a crisp, dry, white wine blended with an orange blossom honey mead. This results in a unique, slightly sweet, wine/mead blend which pairs well with our Arizona summer heat. The Yin to this Yang can be tasted and purchased right next door at The Meading Room. This wine is unfiltered and unapologetically delicious. Yang is a limited production run, get it while it lasts!

The WILDFLOWER – 2019 Grenache Rose

The Grenache was harvested at the peak of ripeness from the Golden Rule Vineyard in Dragoon AZ.It was foot crushed, and left on the skins for 24 hours, giving it just a kiss of color. The Wildflower is an off dry rosé with flavors of strawberry and lavender, it pairs well with light salads, pulled pork, a spicy curry, or bring it to a backyard barbecue! This wine is dedicated to the military families that create beautiful homes for their families wherever they go, like a Wildflower adding beauty in the middle of nowhere! Thanks for your service!

DRAG QUEEN (Seasonal) 

A wine dressed up like a beer. This wine is a luscious white blend, but don’t be deceived by its looks because this is no ordinary wine. We co-fermented it with our very own Cascade Hops. Is it a wine? Is it a beer? You decide. Be brave, take a walk on the wild side and find out for yourself. This wine pairs well with sausage and meatballs, gently tucked in a toasty bun. Or you can even enjoy it with a fish taco- your choice… this wine is very versatile.

UNCLE JOHN – 2014 Sangiovese & Cabernet Blend

This blend balances the distinctive black cherry flavors of Sangiovese against the structure and power of Cabernet Sauvignon. This bold red blend has hints of sour red cherry, an earthy aroma’ and tea leaf notes> It would pair with savory pie, bangers and mash, Dubliner cheese, or a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar. This wine is the perfect wine to drink while watching Manchester United_ win, or God forbid that marches to it’s own beat.

SOPHIA – 2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

this bold, beautiful wine has been consistently strong from vineyard to bottle. A complex, but well balanced earthy red with flavors of spice, leather and anise. Pairs well with pasta, Indian curry, chocolate cake and fresh strawberries. This is a wine to watch, its driven and purposeful, and will only improve with age. Watch out world!!!

Rise Up- 2016 Malvasia and Muscat Blend

This refreshingly crisp blend of New Mexico Malvasia and Muscat will brighten any day. It consists of hints of lemon and green apple, but with a floral and perfume-like nose, this is no ordinary white. Rise Up pairs well with shellfish, caesar salad, key lime pie, or chicken and waffles. This wine is like bottled sunshine! it brightens every moment and lifts the spirits.

Over the Moon-  2014 Arizona Grenache Rosé

A fruit forward, smoky rosé that was aged in American oak. Hints of strawberry, rhubarb and melon. Flavorful but delicately balanced. This lovely rosé would pair nicely with pulled pork, a burrito supreme from Taco Bell, or an Almond Joy you stole from your kid’s Halloween bag. Over the Moon is versatile enough to sip either on a picnic, the beach, ora ski resort. The company is what brings the wine to life, so make sure you share it with someone you are over the moon about. ($25 per bottle, $22 case price).

Curtsy- New Mexico Chardonnay

A lovely wine with subtle hints of oak and citrus, and a creamy finish. This wine is unfiltered because we do what we want. So you can do whatever you’d like, such as sneaking into a movie theater with this bottle. Pairs well with a Filet-o-fish from Mcdonalds. You’re worth it.

Imbibe 4.- Non-vintage Montepulciano and Refrasco Blend

We’re excited to bring back another Imbibe wine. This one as our savory blend of Montepulciano and Refrasco . Big, Bold, high in alcohol. There are many reasons to imbibe, and this wine is perfect for it!

Ian & Erik- 2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Our third and fourth in our estate collection. A complex wine… bold and strong-willed, structured, yet unruly, this beautiful cab is tannic, with a jammy finish. You’ll get hints of black cherry and leather, which pairs perfectly with black pepper crusted ahi tuna, a sharp cheddar cheese, or anything from Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ.

O-  2015 Solera Style Dessert Wine

Sought after by all, this bold Cabernet Sauvignon Port-Style wine delivers every time. Hints of black cherry, chocolate, and brandy, this dessert wine finishes warmly and pairs well with creme brûlée, Lindt chocolates, or Cocoa Puffs. O is the perfect end to a lovely date, or a night in by yourself. ($26 per bottle, $23 case price).

Cheers- 2015 Grenache syrah mourvedre blend

With only a limited amount of this special wine, we lovingly dubbed it Cheers- our cheers to all of the amazing people who have supported us this year, including YOU! This wine pairs well with filet mignon wrapped in bacon, eggplant parmesan, or the cold pizza still sitting on your counter from last night. The best pairing, however, is with someone you are grateful for. Here is to the many nights you will not remember, with the people you will never forget. ($26 per bottle, $23 case price).

Tuxon 2015 Arizona Merlot

Soft cherry and plum, a velvety red wine, with a hint of white pepper- as a Merlot should be. This wine pairs with all your quintessential Tucson favorites, an Original Eegee’s Grinder, a Sonoran hotdog from your favorite truck, a Mesquite grilled steak, a black cherry topped Tres Leches cake, or freshly, sun-baked cookies straight off your car’s dashboard. This wine is a nod to the Dirty-T, the biggest, small town in America. ($30 per bottle, $27 case price).

Christian- 2014 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

The second in our estate collection. This bold, confident, and complex Cabernet Sauvignon is interesting in every way. With hints of black pepper, cinnamon, and jam, this wine is full-bodied and complicated, yet extremely versatile. Christian pairs well with pork belly or a whopper, brie or a cheese stick, molten lava chocolate cake or a Ding-Dong, Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. This wine is a true reflection of us: a serious wine, in a comfortable atmosphere. A very limited production, this crop withstood a lot- strong winds and a late frost, but it yielded such beautiful and exciting wine. We are very proud! ($50 per bottle, $45 case price).

Amanda- 2013 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

The story of Amanda- in 2011 we planted these baby vines, just tiny cuttings that we had gathered from surrounding vineyards. Over the next three years, we pruned, trained, and patiently waited for our first fruit. We harvested on a chilly October morning with the help of our child labor force and wine name-sake. The grapes were foot crushed and then aged in our first Hungarian, new oak barrel (a $1500 barrel- which is a lot for us!). This wine was recently bottled and would benefit from some bottle-aging, and is definitely one to collect and save for a special occasion. The label was done by local artist, Rachel Ward, and is the first of a 6-part series of the various stages of the growth of a vine. This wine is well balanced with notes of vanilla, smoked meat, and hints of strawberry. A complex wine, with a long finish that pairs nicely with prime rib, brisket, and clam chowder. ($75 per bottle $68 case price).

Unfiltered 2015 Chardonnay

A buttery Chardonnay with hints of citrus and honeysuckle. Lightly oaked, this wine is beautifully balanced, but definitely unfiltered- just like us . This full-bodied Chardonnay holds up nicely against fettucine, and pairs well with chicken… but our favorite pairing is movie theater popcorn, it’s sure to turn any movie into an academy award winner. ($26 per bottle, $23 case price).

The Fluffer- Non-Vintage Sparkling Moscato

Well, what can we say? This is just an easy and pleasant experience on every level! Made with Muscat grapes from NM. Sweet, crisp and fruity, this wine has a lovely nose with sweet floral aromas, tropical fruit flavorsome, and a clean finish that will surely leave you wanting more! Pairs well with spicy foods! This makes a lovely breakfast wine, and is guaranteed to keep the party going, like a Fluffer should. ($25 per bottle, $22 case price).


Milagros is a sparkling brut wine made out of Muscat grapes from NM. Clean and bright on the nose, with scents of white orchard fruit and toast. The palate is crisp and refreshing with notes of pear, apple, and spice tones. Perfect for mimosas and toasting your special occasions! Milagros is Spanish for miracle, which is exactly what this place is!


A blend of 44% Verdelho (a portuguese varietal) from CA, 44% Albarino from CA, and 12% Sauvingnon Blanc from Lightning Ridge Cellars, AZ. A crisp and refreshing, intensely aromatic and flavorful wine. Notes of green apple, passion fruit, pineapple and a pleasurable “fresh” flavor. A clean mineral undertone gives this wine a nice base and the 22% new American oak promotes a creamy mouth feel and long finish. Pairs well with a wide variety of food from salad, seafood, pasta, sushi, grilled chicken, pork, polenta, veggies, Cheetos … the possibilities are endless!

First Crush

A dry rose made from 90% Garnacha with a kiss of Graciano, both from CA. The biggest, most complex rose we have ever made! This lovely wine has essence of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and citrus. Silky smooth with a sexy finish. This is one crush that you won’t soon forget! Our first crush pairs well with contraceptives as well as pizza, BBQ, salmon, and Cheetos.


100% Zinfandel from Russian River Valley, CA This wine has the essence of spice, blackberry or blueberry jam, pepper, cocoa, and vanilla. It is smooth and very drinkable. Nice acidity allows it to pair well with turkey, quail, pork, and Cheetos.


100% California Petite Verdot. This is a big, bold, mouth filling wine. Imbibe is voluptuous. This wine would definitely shop in the plus sized section! This could be paired well with steak, wild game, and Cheetos. Any carnivore’s mouth would water at this full figured glass.


A beautiful crisp white blend of Symphony (a hybrid of Grenache Gris and Muscat) and Malvasia. This aromatic wine begins with hints of peach and apricot followed by a smokey yet crisp finish. This wine pairs well with manchego cheese, rosemary chèvre, and prosciutto or capicolla.


A wine with great complexity that makes you think. Starts off with floral notes of rose petals and finishes with crisp green apple and a nice minerality. Pairs well with chipotle goat cheese, pan fried spam, and anything BBQ. Say something sweet to the person you’re with!


An elegant grape variety. A descendant of the noble Syrah but much darker in color with a noticeable brightness Syrah lacks. Hints of plum, tobacco with a herbal nose. Pairs well with peppered steak, macaroni and cheese, and fondue. Drink this wine in the spirit it was made – with the people you appreciate.

The Lobbyist 

A Zinfandel. A robust and full bodied wine full of red fruit, spice, pepper, and tar. You will find complex aromas of chocolate, cedar, blackcurrant, and cookie dough. Pairs well with lamb and a one night stand.

Vintage Red

2006 Syrah, CA. Aged in a blend of 20% new European Oak, and 80% neutral European Oak. Notes of cherry, chocolate, and ripe plums can be detected in this vintage varietal. The earthy notes, and good acidity in this wine make it easily pair-able with a variety of food from hearty meat dishes, and pastas, to Cheetos!


A jammy, fruit forward wine with mild tannins and a smooth, earthy finish. WE have only made a limited amount of this special wine and have decided to call it Merci, in honor of all the people who have supported us this year, including YOU! This wine pairs well with grilled meats like venison or lamb chops. It also works well with a decadent chocolate ganache or the partially melted Lindt balls you forgot in your purse. The best pairing, however, is with someone you are grateful for. Here is to the many nights you will not remember, with the people you will never forget.

The Temptress

A beautiful Tempranillo with hints of red fruit like cherry and raspberry.  This spanish varietal  is very robust and is often found in Spanish Rioja blended with Garnacha, we however felt it was perfect by itself.  This wine would make any romantic meal complete. It works well with Filet Mignon, or chocolate.  It has a sexy finish that would pair well with any spanish soccer player, especially Gerard Pique.

The Rational

A medium bodied, ruby red in color, with hints of cinnamon, dried currants, orange peel, tar, and truffles. This red blend pairs well with a prime rib roast, smoked goose, old gouda or pecorino cheeses as well as Papa John’s. This wine is more Godfather and less Jersey Shore. Had a bad day? The Rational will make you fuhgeddaboudit.


Not your grandmas’ blush; this dry wine, highlighting hints of raspberry, rhubarb and strawberry, is crisp and refreshing. Everlasting pairs well with light salads, pasta, shellfish and grilled helium cheese. This wine could be shared with Mr. Right or… Mr. Right Now. Either way, say something sweet to the person you’re with!


The sultry wine seems simple in the beginning with luscious hints of ripe plums and cherry. However, things quickly get more complicated with an earthy, chocolate and leather finish. Do not be fooled, this wine will leave you lusting for more. This wine pairs well with spare ribs, lasagna, or chili fries. Perfect for the occasional Netflix night, revisiting movies like Fatal Attraction, Unfaithful, or American Beauty. Zinfidelity may seem like a Jennifer Aniston, but is really more of an Angelina Jolie.


This is a very unique wine! It is a nonvintage, meaning the grapes were harvested in different years. Each varietal was fermented, barrel-aged to perfection, then blended. We threw out all preconceived wine practices to bring you something very special! It is 50% our first Imbibe (2006 Petite Verdot). 40% blend of 2007 California Syrah and Tempranillo, and 10% California Graciano. It’s like a wine tasting in a glass! It has an earthiness with notes of cherry, chocolate and pepper, all of which is confirmed on the palate. Imbibe.2 has a smooth, long finish and will develop nicely over the years. Of course it pairs nicely with Cheetos and will stand up to any big dish you throw its way!

Verena-  2014 Malvasia & Symphony Blend

This glistening, crisp and zesty blend of Malvasia, generally thought to originate in Ancient Greece, and Symphony, a hybrid of Muscat and Grenache Gris, create a beautifully balanced, aromatic white wine. With hints of peach and apricot, this wine pairs well with an Asian Chicken styled salad, Manchego cheese, or fried chicken. Verena is a refreshing compliment to Arizona’s warm summer days.

Insólito-  2014 White Mourvedre

A white Mourvedre; what? A white Mourvedre you ask? Yes! Prepare to have your mind blown. Once again, Megan, our rebel wine maker took a risk and made a traditionally red wine, white. This zesty wine is a playground for your tongue; orange marmalade, nutty and crisp, with a nice balance of creamy minerality. It pairs nicely with shrimp gazpacho, smoked gouda, McDonald’s chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, and bananas foster. Insólito means unusual in Spanish, and that it is… and not in the, “Wow, your naked sculpture of your wife on your lawn is so… unusual” kind of way.

2014 Zinfandel

No name, no title. This wine speaks for itself.

Wide Eyed-  2014 Arizona Grenache Rosé

A Grenache Rosé that is uniquely inspired by the sweetest of childhood memories. Strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb tiptoe gently across your palate with the graceful familiarity of lifelong friends, while the flavor of American Oak cradles them with a nurturing warmth that feels just like home. Flavorful, but delicately balanced, this lovely garnet-tinged libation pairs comfortably with barbecue, enchiladas, or chili cheese fries. Take a moment. Remember who you are. Reach out to whom you love. Do it with Wide Eyes opened.

Namaste- 2014 New Mexico Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is made with fruit from Deming, New Mexico and is fermented in Hungarian oak on the lees- resulting in a creamy, well-balanced chardonnay with hints of citrus and nuttiness.  This wine is definitely on the higher side alcohol-wise, so we can pretty much guarantee that it will bring out your inner zen and make you more flexible. Well-structured, it will hold up nicely against prime rib, Fettuccine Alfredo, or Dubliner cheese. Stressed out? Just grab a bottle of Namaste and get ready to meditate.

Imbibe.3-  2014 Arizona Red Blend

This is a big, bold, mouth filling wine. Imbibe.3 is voluptuous. This wine would definitely shop in the plus-sized section! It could be paired well with steak, wild game, and Cheetos. Any carnivore’s mouth would water at this full-figured glass. A blend of Syrah, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot, it’s like a wine tasting in a glass! A tannic wine with luscious hints of cherry, and a toasty finish. Of course it pairs nicely with Cheetos and will stand up to any big dish you throw its way! And at 16.5% alcohol, this big girl is full of personality, she will be the life of the party.

Hallowine- 2014 Red Blend

Well balanced, fruit-forward, complicated red wine. Hints of black pepper, plumbs, and cranberry. This wine will explode with candied fruitiness and finishes with a smoky tobacco essence. It pairs well with liver and onions, fava beans, a horrific date, any scary movie, and all of your kids Halloween candy that you stole while they were sleeping. ($28 per bottle, $26 case price).

Cazzo Piccolo-  2014 Sangiovese & Cab Sauvignon

The symbol of the black rooster and our Chianti-styled red wine, completely embody the spirit and audacity demonstrated by the ancient Florentines of medieval Italy. A blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet, this wine has hints of red fruits, smoke, and wild game, with notes of oregano, espresso, and sweet tobacco. A medium bodied, dry red, it would be an amazing pairing with margarita pizza, grilled cheese, meatloaf, or that Lean Cuisine in the back of your freezer. As they said in medieval Florence, “Once you go black, you never go back.” ($28 per bottle, $25 case price). 

Rabble Rouser- 2015 Symphony & Malvasia Blend

A blend of Malvasia and Symphony with hints of peach and a deceptively floral nose, but don’t be fooled- this wine is a real ballbuster. With it’s big wine muscles, this rowdy wine would pair exceptionally well with Cajun fish dishes, pad Thai, Waldorf Salad, or just a family size bag of Takis that you finish off all by yourself. Need a wild weekend? Feeling a little reckless? Ready to set your boss, boyfriend, or mother-in-law straight? Open a bottle of Rabble Rouser. We got your back. ($25 per bottle, $22 case price).

Devoted-  2015 Chenin Blanc

Devoted is our Chenin blanc from New Mexico fruit. This wine has hints of apricot, honeydew melon, and passion fruit. The nose on it is deceptively sweet… think honeycomb apple blossom or burnt sugar. It pairs well with Mediterranean food, sushi, or even a big hearty meal from In & Out Burger, that you immediately regret and attempt to hide the evidences of. This lovely wine is perfect for a mother/daughter lunch, or just to share with someone who loves you unconditionally. ($24 per bottle, $22 case price).