The Buffalo Club

For beer and brewing enthusiasts, brewers and beer drinkers. Please check the events page often for meetings and outings. We get together, talk beer, taste, and sometimes have a featured brewer who comes down and shows a beer or two.

  • Learn about Homebrewing
  • Drink with fellow beer lovers
  • Save a ton of money on homebrew equipment and supplies
  • Drink more

Home brewers who are interested in saving a ton of money get together to order supplies in bulk at a massive discount. Pick it up at the next meeting.

You can also find more up-to-date information on our Facebook Page.

Our Name

The Buffalo Club is named after an old western drinking game. The story goes that back in the olden days, cowboys didn’t want to be caught dead (literally) with a beer in their shooting hand, so they drank with their off hand. Sharp-eyed buddies who caught their friends drinking with their good hand would shout, “buffalo!” and the unfortunate cowboy would have to drown the whole brew and start a new beer.

Members of the club will be expected to follow the rules!

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