Hops & Vines didn’t emerge directly out of Megan and Shannon’s minds. Oh, no. We had help – lots of it. After we arrived in Sonoita, we worked with a huge variety of people who have helped out in a thousand different ways. You’ll see a motley crew of characters around Hops & Vines, and they’re all great people.

The KidsSummer, Shannon and Megan all have three kids apiece, and this group has been working all over the farm. They are even starting their own mini-business of selling homemade sodas and candies over at the Sober Shack.

Kent Callaghan, the wine genus behind Callaghan Vineyards in Sonoita, has given us his time, his expertise, and even let us use part of his winery to store our wines. He hangs out with us all the time, and you’d never guess that he has been creating award-winning wines for over twenty years – wines designated an Arizona Treasure in 2006 by Governor Napolitano. Yeah, he’s that good, and we’re glad to have him around!

Ken Karrels of Diamond JK Nursery has been helping us with heavy equipment, getting the fields plowed, and making very sure that our beer is cold without being frozen. He excels in both areas.

Our partner Summer (who is also our wine’s namesake), and her husband have helped us at every turn, along with Drew, Joel, Sarah, Frank, Thomas, Jamie, and the four Kevins. Whether it’s telling great stories or showing up for our work parties, these guys have been our heroes!

The University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture  When Arizona Hops & Vines first started out, there wasn’t much but an old farm house and a lot of dirt. Megan approached the University of Arizona’s School of Landscape Architecture and teacher Beth Scott came to our rescue. Creating a great place to drink and farm is a tough call, involving not just pretty landscape design to show off our spectacular view of Sonoita. First, there was the dilapidated fish pond, which contained Bad Fish. Then there was the sun and wind mitigation plan. Shannon and Megan also wanted to use homemade pavers, recycled and reclaimed materials – the whole class collaborated on Hops & Vines as a project, and it’s good thing because we needed every student’s help! Big, big thanks to Professor Scott and her amazing students!

Gooch – Glen E “Gooch” Goodwin Photography took our great family photos at the last possible minute! In general, he specializes in Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography and Landscapes. Gooch is a native from Patagonia, Arizona who enjoys photographing landscapes and desert wildlife as well as local cultural events and personalities. With the deepest respect for the places that he photographs, Gooch does not always indicate the location of his subject matter. He wants to avoid encouraging heavy foot traffic on what he considers sacred land. An avid outdoorsman, Gooch sees his work as a way to capture unspoiled nature in the face of our ever-changing reality. He hopes his work expresses his deep love for the land that he has called home nearly all of his life.

Anne of Lightning Ridge Cellars single-handedly saved the vineyard when she alerted us that lightning touched off a wildfire that came within yards of the fledgling fields.

You! If it weren’t for our great customers, we wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on, and we’d be so very, very bored. If you took fabulous photos at our place, please send your photos to us! We want to see! And say hi to Hops and Vines on Facebook! If you had a great time here, be sure to say so on Yelp!