The Sober Shack

Our Moms always wanted Hops & Vines to be a family project, and a place where kids could have as much fun as the adults were having!

Amanda & Sophia took the lead to start doing the research in the Fall of 2011, When Shannon moved from Washington, D.C. with us to live with Megan and her kids, we also made good friends with Summer (Megan’s best friend) and her 3 kids. For 5 months we 6 kids lived with 5 turtles, 6 dogs, 10 chickens, and the 3 adults. This was all during the summer so we didn’t have school and instead we helped with the farm, but to be honest, we got bored! So we started coming up with lots of crazy ideas, and one of them was the sober shack. Erik came up with the name. Or at least, he’s willing to take credit for coming up with the name.

We want to have fun with the kids that come with their parents. When the adults go to wineries, the kids usually have to sit around doing nothing, and some places even have “NO CHILDREN” signs! Not at our place!