Attractions & Events

COVID-19 Update: Unfortunately due to the current situation with COVID-19, our event schedule is a little up in the air.  Please contact Shannon (information to the right) or check our Facebook Page for updated information.

Arizona Hops & Vines isn’t just a stop on a Sonoita-area wine tour.

From the very beginning, we’ve been inspired to have a kind of personal warmth that welcomes and includes people as friends. Sure, we sell wine, but this place is not just a way to pay bills – making wine and sharing it with people is what we love.

So we’ve worked very hard to make Hops & Vines as welcoming to as many people as it can be.

For example, families with kids are completely welcome! In fact, we bring our family to the farm every day, who also run their own part of Hops & Vines: The Sober Shack during our events. It’s a little building where they sell their homemade sodas, fizzy lemonade, candy and other snacks. It’s a great place not just for the kids but also for designated drivers and anyone who appreciates something sweet (and a discount).

The Lady of the Vineyard by Meaghan Callahan

The Lady of the Vineyard by Meaghan Callahan

Pets are also welcome! One of these days we’re going to put together a place for dogs to run around, complete with fire hydrant,

We also have a bunch of weird animals to feed, and some easy outdoor games such as horseshoes, corn hole, and tetherball! If you just want to chill out, that’s easy enough on our wonderful patio, which has an incredible view of the rolling plains of Sonoita, and which incidentally is much cooler than Tucson or Phoenix.

Even our bathroom is decked in awesome things supporting our local artists, such as this awesome painting by Meaghan Callahan.